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How to Disable Overclocking

Modern CPU - Central Processing Unit
Modern CPU – Central Processing Unit

The need to experiment and go beyond what is possible, is an inherent human tendency. Since the first personal computers were manufactured, people have experimented with hardware to make it go beyond its basic capabilities by overclocking the CPU. Gamers and people who want that extra bit more from their processor, implement overclocking to derive better performance. However, unless you actually know CPU overclocking and take necessary precautions, the experimentation may end up with drastic consequences ranging from a system crash to a fried CPU. If you are one of those, for whom it didn’t work out, through this Buzzle article, I am going to guide you through the procedure to turn off overclocking and undo changes made to the system settings to restore normal functionality.

One thing that a lot of gamers need to know is that no piece of hardware is overclocked by default. A computer processor or video card that you may have installed on your computer, will operate at its base specifications. So those of you who think

LCD Monitor Repair – Troubleshooting LCD Monitors

PC Doctor
PC Doctor

Gone are the days when people used to have ordinary monitors on their desks. They have replaced ordinary monitors with monitors which are incorporated with an advanced technology known as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). But these advanced monitors may also give some problems when used over time. LCD monitor troubleshooting is a step-by-step process wherein you eliminate prospective problem sources. If you are using an LCD monitor, you need to how it works and what all are the troubleshooting methods that can be used if it functions abnormally. In the following section of this article, you will get to know about simple steps regarding LCD parts and repair.

Troubleshooting Steps for LCD Monitors

Power Supply
LCD monitor troubleshooting firstly requires some level of patience. If the monitor doesn’t work, the primary thing you would need to do is to check if everything is plugged in properly. Ensure that the power cord is decently connected to the power source. Also examine if the cord which connects the monitor to the CPU is properly connected. You may even remove all power and CPU connections and put them back again in their

How to Clean Different Types of Computer Screens


Computer screens get dirty easily, and if not cleaned at the right time, dirt may settle on them, and it’s very difficult to remove it. Modern ones like LCDs and plasmas have certain electric connections on them, and therefore, traditional materials like alcohol and ammonia cannot be used for wiping purposes.

Cleaning a Desktop Computer Screen

In such a case, using distilled water (DW) is a good option, only if the screen is a little dirty. Sprinkle few drops of distilled water on the screen, and wipe it off with a piece of cloth by moving it in one direction. If it is very dirty, you can use any aerosol product available in the market, or just add a few drops of white vinegar in DW to clean it. Always remember to turn off the monitor before you start wiping it.

Cleaning a Laptop Screen

For this type, using alcohol or ammonia products is not an option, and therefore, you will have to make your own solution. It’s simple; mix DW and white vinegar in the ratio of 1:1, and leave it for some time. Now, take a soft cotton cloth and dip

For Geeks, Gamers, and Power Users, a Custom Computer is Best

Office desk
Office desk

Geeks, online gamers, and power business computer users, such as graphic designers and photo/video editors, generally have a closer relationship with their computers than the average user. In fact, they really have to. In order to get the most out of modern interactive video games, gamers need processor speed, memory, and killer audio and graphics. Designers and photo editors, along with other power users, can do without the hardcore gaming video, but still need the muscle that comes with serious processor and memory power, as well as a more enhanced video/graphics card than a standard business user. For those who are merely geeky, having a workhorse box is simply a way of life.

With that said, it just makes sense that users that fall into one of these categories actually build their computer themselves, or, if they’re not quite that into the nuts and bolts of computing, but need customized options, have someone else do it. While it’s true that there are a number of customization options available from computer manufacturers, most of the boxes that result are actually only ‘semi-custom’ computers in that you don’t have absolute

How to Build a Computer from Scratch

Computer repair shop
Computer repair shop

Don’t worry, you do not need a very detailed knowledge of electronic components for learning how to build a computer from scratch. You don’t have to design the motherboard of your computer, or start with studying the IC or processor technology. Here, in this article, we will just try to build a computer from start to finish, with just the basic knowledge of the basic components. One more thing, we will confine our discussion to building a desktop computer. First of all, we need to choose the right components and then we can go over to integrate them.

Choosing Components to Build a Computer

It’s not required to mention that the most important part of your computer is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Once you decide which processor you want to use, you can go on to choose the other components. Now, let us take a look at each of the components that you need to choose, one by one.

There are a variety of factors you need to consider. Do you need a 64 bit processor or just a 32 bit processor, which would suffice the

Peer-to-peer Connection Setup

Blue P2P button on keyboard close-up
Blue P2P button on keyboard close-up

Unlike a network with a server, in a peer-to-peer connection setup, a server is not required. The computers are connected to each other with the help of network cables or by using wireless devices and they can share each others resources.

What is a Peer-to-peer Connection?
A peer-to-peer connection is a computer network in which all computers in the network have identical capabilities. There is no server computer with more capabilities or authorities than the other computers in the network. In this connection any computer can initiate the communication process. Any other computer in the network can access resources from any other machine which that machine wants to share. In other words, all the computers in the network are given both client and server functionalities.

Setting up a Peer-to-peer Connection
If you are setting up a peer-to-peer connection using ThickNet or ThinNet cables, then the process becomes very simple as you will not require any other hardware. If you want to connect a good number of computers, then use twisted pair cables and a hub. All the computers in the network

Switched Multi-megabit Data Service (SMDS)


Switched Multi-megabit Data Service uses fiber or copper-based media for data transmission. Its data units encapsulate entire IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.5, and Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) frames.

SMDS provides data service features which includes:
Fast, low-delay connectionless data transport: call set up is not required and data packets are sent out immediately when they are received.
Multicasting: It handles group addressing.
CCITT E.164 addressing: Standard telephone numbers are used for SMDS address.
It supports important protocols used in LAN and WAN.
It provides network scalability and SNMP based network management.
It validates source/destination address for the secure interconnection of LANs and distributed client-server applications.
High Speed
When it is offered over ATM networks, customers can access about 34 Mbit/s of data, and when access lines are attached to MAN, the speed can go up to 155 Mbit/s. MAN backbones work at 140 Mbit/s. Users do not have to pay for the full 34 Mbit/s bandwidth as an ‘Access Classes’ feature, which allows them to specify their average transmitted data rate over time, to certain sub-rates namely 4, 10, 16, and 25 Mbit/s.

Extending LANs
It is mainly used to connect multiple LANs.

Computer Networking Cables: Crimping Device Tools


While preparing computer networking cables for creating networks such as LANs (Local Area Networks), one has to be very careful and precise. One has to use a variety of wire connector assembly and installation tools to assemble and install such connectors to each other. These tools include a variety of cable tie guns, crimpers, cutters, pliers, punch down tools, screwdrivers, splicers, strippers, and cable pulling grips. These can be collectively addressed as crimping device tools. They all have their uses during the process of computer networking. Cable tie guns are used to tie a bundle of wires together so as to keep them in one place and not create a mess of wires. Cutters are used to cut the cable. Pliers are used to grip and connect wires and connectors. There are a variety of pliers available in the market: circular ring pliers, soft jaw adjustable pliers, and connector holding pliers. Splicers are used to join wires or cables to each other. Strippers are used to remove the cover or insulation from the cables. A punch down tool is used to push wires into a chosen slot. Screwdrivers are

Keys on Keyboard not Working


When you want to do some important work on the computer and need it the most, you realize that the computer keyboard keys don’t work properly. It can be really frustrating to find your keyboard not working when you need it the most. Makes us wish that we had a spare in case of an emergency. However, that isn’t the case with many of us.

Issues with Keyboard Keys

From faulty hardware to faulty drivers, there can be many causes. Here’s what you can do to fix the issue.
Try reconnecting your keyboard and restart your computer.
Check if the keyboard is put in the correct port. Also, try to reset the BIOS (basic input/output system) to default settings.
Turn off the computer, unplug the wire, and check for any broken or bent pins. If the pins are broken, you might need to replace your keyboard. If the pins are bent, try straightening them with tweezers or a sharp object.
To check if the drivers are faulty, right click on My Computer ➜ Hardware ➜ Device Manager. Check if the keyboard option is showing warnings

Why is My Computer So Slow

Bored at work.
Bored at work.

If your computer is running slow, you may be wondering if some virus has affected your system, or if your system is slowed down by the antivirus software that has been loaded. Well, you are on the right track. However, these may not be the only reasons why your computer has become slow. There may be other reasons which may be causing this problem. Let us take a look at some of these possible problems.

Why is My Computer Slow to Start Up

It often happens that you have a computer with the best of the configuration, a high memory RAM, a good amount of hard disk space and of course a very good high-speed processor, and yet your computer is slow to start up. The reason for this is that there are a good number of start up processes that you have initiated. Many times, when we install a software, we forget to uncheck the option to start the software during start up. Too many software running in the computer during start-up, may make the computer slow to start up. So, the way out of this

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Office work
Office work

Keyboard and mouse are the most frequently used input devices for any personal computer. A combo of wireless keyboard and mouse reduces the mess of wires along with several advantages. Microsoft and Logitech are some of the leading manufacturers in this segment, and they have come up with several incredible combos. So, if you are looking for the best combos, then take a look at the reviews given below.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000
If you need a natural ergonomic keyboard, then this is one of the best combos for you. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 is an improved version of Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000. This combo comes with a tilted mouse that makes natural resting more comfortable. Moreover, this wireless mouse is made from high-definition LASER technology, and hence the tracking is smoother. Its advanced ergonomic features enable us to rest our hands in a comfortable manner. It can be operated in a range of 30 feet with the help of a USB mini-receiver, that needs to be plugged into your desktop. So, with this natural combo, you can make your work more productive by

Troubleshooting Flash Drive Problems


These days, USB flash drives are considered to be a very convenient and easy way of storing and transferring data, which is evident from its popularity among users. But it is not true that data on these drives is never lost or corrupted. Their problems include file corruption on the drive, computer not reading the drive, virus being transferred to the computer, issues while transferring data, and problems while ejecting the drive.

Most problems related to the flash drive can be solved by formatting it in the correct format accepted by your computer, and scanning periodically for any virus.

Troubleshooting Your Flash Drive

Step 1
In case you have bought a new flash drive and you are unable to write anything on it, you need to find out what is the correct format for your operating system. FAT is the ideal format your new drive should be in, as it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. If it is not in the right format, you need to change its format. Do this by double clicking on the ‘My Computer’ icon, and then right-clicking on the drive icon in the window which opens.

How to Fix Corrupted Files

Virus Spreading Corrupted Database Servers
Virus Spreading Corrupted Database Servers

Corrupted files are files that become non-functional altogether. There are several reasons for the file getting corrupted. It can be a glitch in the operating system or in the program utilizing the file, improper file saving procedure, a system crash, or a result of some dangerous computer virus. The damage could also be on the hardware level, if the file system sector or the hard drive itself is damaged. Let’s learn how to understand when a file gets corrupted and the ways to fix it.

When the file you are trying to access does not open and displays a message like ‘Cannot open file’ or ‘File data inaccessible’ then it’s a clear indication that the file is corrupted. In case the file opens but the data within is unreadable, i.e., showing signs and symbols other than normal alphabets and numbers, then the file is corrupted.

Fixing Corrupt Files

AVI Files
AVI (Audio Video Interleave) files are video files that run on a program application that is designed to play an .avi file. To fix such files, all you have to do is download a

Hard Disk Failure and Data Recovery Tips

Hard Disk Drive
Hard Disk Drive

Computer hard disks―from either laptops or desktops―are susceptible to failure, where the data that you have stored on it either disappears, or cannot be found. The good news is that this data can often be recovered. There are various ways of doing so. Before you venture into data recovery territory, it is essential to know the cause of the hard disk failure.

Hard Disk Failure Causes
There are many reasons that can cause the hard disk of a computer to fail. Mostly, these can be classified as under three main types: logical, electrical, or mechanical.

Logical causes include problems with the boot sector of the hard drive, which leads to non-booting of Windows. In this case, you would be able to access your hard drive from another computer. You can then investigate if you have problems with the boot sector, or if you have bad sectors on the disk itself. Hard disk data recovery, in this case, can be possible with data recovery software.

Electrical causes include problems caused due to voltage fluctuations, which may have led to the burning of the circuit board. For this,

How Does Data Recovery Software Work


Data is the most sacred thing in this age of information technology. A typical computer user’s hard drive is populated with several gigabytes of data which may include movies, songs, personal documents, work documents and photos. Disaster strikes sometimes in the form of a computer virus attack or an accidental deletion leading to loss of all data. What can you do in such a situation? Is all that data lost forever? Is there no way of retrieving it? Yes there is. Data recovery software is precisely designed for the purpose of recovering such lost data easily. If you have used such a program, you will know how they work like magic to find deleted files and restore them. It is natural to be curious about how data recovery software works to retrieve data which appears to be lost completely. Keep reading ahead to know how this miraculous data recovery is engineered.

How Does a Data Recovery Software Program Function?

It has happened with us all. An accidental pressing of the ‘Delete’ button, followed by emptying of the ‘Recycle Bin’ or an accidental formatting of the

Simple Guide for Buying a Computer

couple in consumer electronics store buying laptop
couple in consumer electronics store buying laptop

Today, computer has become an integral part of our lives. We are dependent on this technological marvel for most of the things. An individual spends most of the part of his day sitting on a computer, either at workplace for productivity, or at home for entertainment. Several types of computers are available in the market today, ranging from palmtops to desktops. Though the latter has been here for a couple of decades now, it is still a favorite when it comes to all round use.

Guide to Buy a Computer

Some desktop computers have a good data storage capacity, while some have a better RAM. Some sport a sleek design, while some offer loads of extras in terms of features. With all these options available, choosing the one that is ideal for you, is bound to be a tough task.

Budget and Usage
The foremost thing to asses is your capacity to spend; you surely wouldn’t want to overspend on buying a computer, paying extra cash for features which you would never use. The purpose is yet another important aspect.

Most Destructive Computer Viruses

Stop Virus
Stop Virus

Computer viruses are harmful programs created by anti-social elements (hackers) which can self duplicate itself in the computer system to harm its smooth functioning. These viruses are not only a big cause of worry for casual computer users but they have also created problems for governments, hospitals, schools and huge organizations by infecting their systems. Computer viruses spread faster than a cold virus thanks to the Internet which connects almost every computer in the world through its amazing technology. Almost every computer virus is capable enough for major destruction, here are some of those that have made history.

Most Damaging Computer Viruses

Computer viruses have caused damage worth billions of dollars, some have wiped out top secret documents from hard disks which could never be recovered again and most of them have affected the market by shutting down businesses for hours. Computer viruses are nothing but an online threat distributed through the Internet by hackers who like creating havoc in today’s corporate world. Here are the names which have become immortal in the world of computers due to the amount of destruction caused by them.

Storm Worm
This virus came

Computer Freezes Randomly

Laptop (+clipping path)
Laptop (+clipping path)

You are faced by one of the most frustrating and ambiguous computer problems when your computer freezes randomly. Frustrating, because you may be in the middle of some important work on the computer and it hangs, albeit (hopefully) temporarily. Leaving you helpless and clueless because there can be various reasons for such a disaster to strike.

A few common reasons and ways to solve this problem, and prevent your computer from freezing at random times are discussed in the following sections of this Buzzle article.

Reasons for a Computer Crash

If your desktop computer or your laptop have ever gone into the frozen mode, it could be because of any of the reasons listed below
Incompatibility of the software you are trying to run with the computer
The computer being affected by virus
Your system configuration is inadequate to run the program you are trying to
The page file is getting held up in the cache for a long time.
There is not enough free memory on your computer
The computer does not have adequate sources
There is a problem

Fixing a Clunker: 4 Basic Computer Maintenance Tasks that Anyone Can Do

Businesswoman typing on computer keyboard
Businesswoman typing on computer keyboard

An aspect of computer ownership of which many computer-unsavvy owners are unaware is that a computer, like a car or a house, requires frequent maintenance to keep it operating at a peak, or even just a usable, level. The good news is that unlike many automotive and home maintenance tasks, the vast majority of routine computer maintenance tasks can be done by virtually anyone, without the danger of causing serious damage. The computer, after all, does most of the work. So, if you purchased a computer that doesn’t seem to be running quite as quickly as it once did, don’t worry! You probably won’t have to plop down another thousand dollars for a new system, as long as you start taking the time to do the weekly and monthly maintenance your computer probably needs. Below are four routine tasks you can do to try to rehabilitate a clunker of a computer.

Defragment Your Hard Drive
Hard drives physically store magnetic bits of information, which can become fragmented over time. Imagine trying to read a book with the pages scattered all over your